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loving stories

Welcome to philastories.org

phila meaning "loving" stories. At philastories.org we record, for your viewing pleasure, the stories of anyone willing to tell them. The "stories" tab above will take you to all of our stories.


philastories.org projects

philastories.org collects stories from anyone willing to take the time out to tell their stories. In addition we collect stories in areas where we have an interest. Following are our current areas of interest:

Engine 11

Engine 11 was a segregated firehouse in the Philadelphia Fire Department from 1919 - 1952. If you were an African-American who joined the fire depatment during that time period you were sent to one of two places either Engine 11 or Fire Boat 1. philastories has collected the stories of the five surviving retired fireman who were assigned to Engine 11: Lloyd Ama, Clarence Brogden, Waldo Gentry, Walter Lindsay, and Alfred Ward.

Abington Friends Meeting

Abington Friends Meeting is located in Jenkintown, PA. We are collecting the stories of anyone from the Meeting who is interested in telling them. We hope others will duplcate this effort at their church, synagogue, mosque, neighborhood, community center, etc., as a means for storing the memories of its participants.

Philadelphia Stories of Slavery

Philadelphia Stories of Slavery is an attempt to collect as many stories as possible about slavery in the Philadelphia area. This project has two parts:

One, using the location based storytelling apps Spotter and findery, we are going around the Philadelphia area and recording short videos or writing short stories at the locations where slavery has been documented. Using both Spotter and findery apps you can access short videos and written stories on your mobile device based on your location in the Philadelphia area. If you are in Olde City when you access Spotter or findery you will be shown all of the stories that have been recorded about Olde Ctiy (location based storytelling) and play them as you walk around the area. An example is the recent story we recorded about the London Coffee House which was located at Front and Market Sts.

Two, we are recording more extensive stories of slavery and posting them on philastories. We want to talk with people who have knowledge of these locations and record their stories. An example would be the stories we have collected from Phillip Seitz about the Chew family's slave holdings. In addition, we very much want people to tell the stories about slavery that have been handed down to them over the years.

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